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You'll hear it time and time again from the best producers in the game right now. You should be curating your own private sample packs full of your own inspired sounds for when it comes time to be creative. Getting sidetracked down sound design rabbit holes while you should be writing a song is rough, but using the same loops as every other musician on the planet is arguably worse, so how do you fix



You need meatier loops from METEOR LOOPS! Introducing the all-in-one sampling, sequencing, and processing app that allows you to generate your personal loop pack on your iOS device with ease. 

Simplicity is key with Meteor Loops. Record some sounds, plug them into a grid sequencer, and apply some effects (or don't, I mean, live your life ya know) and you've got a meaty loop to add to your database of song starters, inspiration, textures, melodies, or anything you want it to be champ.




Phone: 303-263-0586


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